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let's build a brand that never goes out of style.

As a photographer and entrepreneur, I know what it's like to take on a million things at once (especially this year) and suddenly feel like the creative & actually fun parts of your business have taken a back seat. You know, all the stuff that inspired you to blaze your own path in the first place. The parts of life that matter most to you.

 I'm here to empower you to focus on those things again. I'm here to support you in crafting your dream brand and website for your dream biz - so that you can get back to doing what you love & live to do.

you didn't start a business because it's easy.

I'm here to treat your hard work with as much care as you have.

Basically, I want you to look at your branding and website and straight up not be able to get over the fact that it's accurate AF. That it looks and feels exactly like YOU. I built a graphic and web design business out of nowhere in the past six months -- purely based on connecting to the people around me & creating what they needed -- and I am here to help you do the same with your business in your industry. You deserve to have branding and a website that serves you and your ideal clients, unquestionably and undeniably.

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the good sh*t:

from the ground up

Looking for something that's made just for you? You'll definitely want to look into these and see which package is a good fit.

the in-between

The best of both worlds -- semi-custom experiences with a speedier turn around & without the fully-cutom price tag.

I need some dope new graphics.


possible graphic design needs:
  - brand refresh (logos, illustrations, colors, fonts)
  - social media graphics & templates
  - client guides / freebie PDFs / downloadables
  - custom stickers

starting at

everything, I'm a bougie bitch.


a total brand refresh, including:
   - main logo, two submarks, font & color selections

website redesign, including:
  - up to 6 main pages (Home, About, Details, etc.)
   - domain transfer & setup help if needed
   - website launch graphics for social media
   - complimentary 1hr ShowIt basics call

starting at

My website needs a lil' help.

website redesign, no branding, including:
   - up to 8 main pages (Home, About, Details, etc.)
   - domain transfer & setup help if needed
   - two complimentary 1hr ShowIt basics calls


I'm not here to bullshit you. I'm here to make sure that you have a BOMB design experience. I'm here to make sure you end this process with results you LOVE, a smile on your face, and feeling totally taken care of.  Design projects are also always unique depending on your needs, so if none of these packages seem like quite the right fit, just email me and let's see what we can create together, boo. 

slide into these DM's, boo.

GIve it to me straight.

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**limited Availability**

I am only taking on TWO fully-custom sites per month in 2021, and I am already booked until beginning of May. ACT NOW if you want to secure a design spot in my calendar ;)

I'm a big fan of win-win situations.

If you're the type of person who wants a little bit more than just another template, but you don't necessarily have the budget for something totally custom right now, you have come to exactly the right place.  

the fancify



You have your eye on a showit template, but you want someone else to go in and make it feel more like YOU. I got ya, babe. Includes 12 hours of template customization, formatting, content organization, animation & functionality checks. 

coming soon


A semi-custom 1:1 experience. You get exclusive access to the templates I'm creating for the shop, choose your fave one, and we work together to completely tailor it to YOUR unique needs, goals & brand. And launch in ten days.

the ten day transformation

the clean-up


You bought a template from someone somewhere, put your flair on it, & now you just need someone to go through and make sure it all WORKS. This is for you. Includes 4 hours of link-checking, format cleanup, domain transfer help, & other minor changes & fixes. 


crisp, like the early morning light.

As a designer, I don't really think that I have a specific "style" -- I have a specific vision instead. I believe in building brands, websites and messaging that are straightforward and true; that are honest and authentic. That feel as clear and crisp as that intangible magic of the early morning light, the kind that makes you feel like anything and everything is possible that day.

Let me know if this sounds like your kind of dream, too, because I'd be honored to work with you.

this could be yours but you playin'

Devyn B Photo

website design & branding

carmen & co

website design & online store setup

Andria Tobey

website design & branding

Kyra Gustwick

branding & semi custom website

Chelsea Abril

website & branding Design

Karrie Brady

web design & branding

Big Hoop Energy

web design & store setup

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web design & branding (in progress)

Katelyn Magnuson

Graphic design & social Media templates

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web design & branding

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branding & website design

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branding & website design

your business deserves a website & brand that



and also...makes you feel proud & excited.
let's build it all together.

 Before Maia, I honestly didn’t even really know what my “brand” was!!!I felt like my website didn’t stand out & it didn’t give an accurate representation of what my business really was. But then, sweet angel Maia heard my vision & created a WHOLE NEW site that was easy to customize with my branding colors, icons, images + actually FELT like “me” for the first time!! 

She designs such beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing, & professional looking pages… but also keep them fun, engaging, & cohesive with all other branding materials (client guide pdfs, logos, business cards, etc).

She also is the SWEETEST, most kind, & HELPFUL soul. She would selflessly hop on weekly facetime calls with me to explain & teach me how to navigate my new website until I understood what I was doing on my own…she doesn’t make you dependent on her to make changes for you. she’ll teach you how to do it on your own so you can flyyyy confidently into your dream-website-perfect-branding-abyss :))) Hiring Maia was seriously the BEST decision for my business + I recommend her to EVERYONE who wants a bombbbb website/brand/client guides/FRIEND.

"Maia’s design talent has revolutionized my business."


i came to Maia with an overall idea and vision and she executed it PERFECTLY. She was quick, professional and saved me so much time that I didn't have to put into layout and colors. The design work that would have taken me weeks took Maia a few hours. She's incredible!

"Seriously fast, beautiful, efficient work!"


Maia’s guides and design expertise are HANDS DOWN a MUST have for your biz!! Her guides give you the freedom to create a custom experience for your clients, and the ability to serve them on a whole new level!! Her design took my website from a .0001 to a 100 and I am so thankful for her!! If you are an entrepreneur of any kind you need to use Maia!!

"Maia is the greatest! WORK WITH HER!"






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